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Hello! Hope you all are doing well. I've already expressed how much I love the game during the GGC and now I've tried the new stages and I think they are great! :D

There is one issue with the game I would like to be fixed though and one thing I would like to be added. The issue is that when I go to the level select menu, the best times shown on each level is not always correct. E.g. on level 11 I managed to complete it first try, which gave me the time 30 something seconds, but afterwards, in level select, it said best time was 259.99.

Then the thing I would like to be added, which is not necessary, but could be kinda neat, is a desktop icon so it isn't just the Unity logo. :3

Other than that I think Amelite is great and I will continue to support you! 

PS. I'm thinking of live streaming me speedrunning the game sometime soon. I will most likely post on Facebook and Insta when that happens if you're interested. ^^

Another thing I noticed now that I also think would be nice is if you could play the game in window mode :)

Thank you so much! We're happy to hear that you found the new update fun! 

And thank you for the feedback regarding the bug and the additional stuff! We'll bring it up in the team and see if we can fix it!

Where can we find your Insta/Facebook? We love it when people livestream our game, and gladly tune in if we can! :D

On Insta it's svmino53 and FB it's Isak Forsberg. I follow you on both social medias, so hopefully that'll make it easier to find me :D

Dope! We're looking forward to it! 


 The music and sound is absolutely gorgeous, and the art style is lovely. The game mechanics are simple but very intricate, I could actually feel myself getting better and faster with every level, so the difficulty feels like it naturally escalates, except for a few spikes here and there (like a level in the middle being harder than the final ones), but other than that the difficulty felt perfect, if not on the harder side. When you die, you mostly feel like it's your fault, which is a huge plus. All in all, a lovely and very charming game. 

The team has been working really hard to make this game as good as it can possibly be, so hearing all your kind words means a lot! Thank you so much for playing and taking your time to write this awesome feedback! 


A well made game with amazingly cute graphics and a challenge rating that makes you want to pull your hair sometimes. Definitely a game for those that thought Celeste was too easy!


Haha, thank you so much! Really happy to hear that you enjoyed it, and I hope you still have some hair left!


I am now bald but I have grown stronger.

A small price to pay for salvation.


This game is amazing! I love the style and feel of it <3

Thank you so much! Happy to hear that you like it! :D


Awesome concept and very pleasing graphics c:

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Thank you so much! :D