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A 2-player, 1-controller, co-op action game featuring a two headed caterpillar. Grab a friend and take control of a head each, because they need your help to survive! 

Deep in the bushes of your garden, Plum and Turnip, a young two headed caterpillar longs for the day they can become a butterfly. But life is not easy, there are bugs everywhere who would love to snack on some caterpillar steak. But don’t be fooled, this caterpillar has some fight in it! Defeat those pesky insects and survive another day.

Twinsect is a 3d, co-op, action game set in a cozy Swedish garden. Play as Plum and Turnip, controlled individually by the left and right joysticks on the controller. Work together to survive against the hungry garden bugs by maneuvering, attacking, and making skillful use of the environment! 

It’s a bug eat bug world…. good thing you’ve got two mouths.

To play Twinsect, download the game below.


Twinsect is played with one controller. Each side corrseponds to each head. The joysticks are used for walking, and the bumpres and triggers are used for chomping and grabbing. 

Social Media

Instagram: https://instagram.com/sealhorse.studios

Facebook: https://facebook.com/sealhorse.studios

The team

Cédric Le Therisien - Product Owner

Amanda Östman - Producer

Sabina Hallmén - Assistant Producer

Pontus Canholm - Programming

Fabian Larsson - Programming

Oliver Lincke - Graphical Artist

Frida Björnfot - Graphical Artist

Stefan Williams - Graphical Artist

Erik Westerlind - UI Artist

Sander Wellmar - Music

Xiao-Long Rathje Zhao - Music

Oliver Hallmén - Voice Acting

StatusIn development
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorSealhorse Studios


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